Promoting electric transport and its implementation in the Montreal area


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Montreal it’s electric’s Mission

Montreal it’s electric (MIE) is a new non-profit organization that promotes both transport electrification and its implementation in metropolitan Montreal. MIE is proud to present the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) Formula E Championship in Canada as its sole promoter. This event offer unprecedented exposure for the city and serve as an ideal platform for promoting electric transport. Beyond the race itself, MIE will also devise an annual program with industry partners. Together, they will come up with ways to showcase the potential of electric transport, enhance its promotion, better inform the general public and encourage networking. In so doing, the organization hopes to speed up the transition to more sustainable means of transport.


The mission of Montreal it’s electric: 



Raise overall public awareness of electric transport within the metropolitan area so as to speed up the transition to more sustainable transport and increase its use.


Formula E

Make the Formula E championship a success from a financial standpoint, as well as in terms of attendance and media coverage.



Collaborate with the City of Montreal to step up efforts to promote electric transport, encourage synergy between key stakeholders and maximize benefits for all.



Obtain the necessary financing to adequately promote electric transport to the citizens of the Greater Montreal area.


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